questionnaire distribution guidelines

In order to fulfill the purposes of this study, we would like to ask you to administer the following questionnaire twice in your class: Once as closer to the initiation of the HIPST activity as possible, and once as soon as possible after this activity ends. If for any practical reasons some students do not participate in either measurement, it is ok, we also need the data on these students.

The instrument serves research purposes only; therefore the answers that pupils shall give should not be used in any way for the pupils’ evaluation.

The questionnaire is anonymous – however, we do need to know which two questionnaires (pre- and post-) come from the same one pupil.

Please read the instructions carefully yourself and make sure that the pupils also read and fully understand them.

For the research purposes, it is very important that all questions are answered. Only questions that the pupils cannot answer (e.g., because they could not understand them) should be left blank. Please, stress this point at the beginning as well as at the end of the administration.

The battery starts with a small introduction and few questions on the demographic characteristics of the children. The children are asked to pick a nickname and use this in the pre- and post- measurement. This is an anonymous way to identify which two questionnaires come from the same pupil.

Part I consists of 22 statements. The pupils are expected to read carefully each statement and mark the box that shows how much they agree or disagree with this statement. The options available are “no”, “rather no”, “not sure”, “rather yes”, and “yes”. Obviously, only one box per statement should be marked.

Part II consists of 14 pairs of descriptions of people. The pupils are expected to choose which of the two descriptions best describes them, and then mark the box that shows how much this description describes them (“very well” or “moderately”). In these questions as well, only one box per pair of descriptions should be marked.

We would like to ask you to make sure that each pupil correctly fills the whole battery.


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