inserting videos

Hipstwiki allows you to add video to your pages through other websites such as You Tube.

Therefore you can use a video already uploaded on You Tube or video that you have compiled yourself, after uploading it on You Tube.

In the menu click on the page where you want to add a video.

Click Easy Edit.

On the toolbar (EasyEdit Toolbar), click Widget. Opens in new window Add Widget.


Then click on the website from which comes the video you are going to use, e.g. You Tube.


In the window that opens (Add You Tube Video) click Add by embed.


Open on You Tube the video of your choice and copy-paste the URL in the empty box that you see in the next picture.
Then click Add You Tube Video.


Give, if you wish, a title to your video and a brief description and press Save.
After setting the position of the video to your page and the size of the viewing pane, click Done.

The video has now been introduced to your page.

To save the changes to your page and view your video, click Save on the toolbar.

Now you can watch the video that you added by clicking on it.

By the same procedure you can add more videos to your page.

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