inserting hyperlinks

To insert a hyperlink, click Easy Edit and select the word, phrase or image where you want to hyperlink.

Then select Link in the toolbar (EasyEdit toolbar)

εισαγωγή υπερσύνδεσμου - ο χώρος εργασιών

In the empty box that you see in the new window (Add Link), copy and paste the name of the wiki page or the URL of a page, image or video from another site to which you want to hyperlink.

Then click Add Link. The hyperlink is added.

Click Save on the toolbar (EasyEdit Toolbar), to save the configuration of your page.

εικονα 6

If you want to insert hyperlink to a picture, this can be done during the process of adding the image on the page.

When the next window opens, click Add Link and then enter the name or the URL of the page to which you want to hyperlink the image.

Click Add Link and then Done to add the picture on the page.

Finally click Save to save the changes to your page.

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