hipstwiki activity report

Developing a wiki web-based environment for communication and co-operation between researchers
who work in the interdisciplinary field of History, Philosophy and Science Teaching:
The case of HIPSTWIKI

Vassilis Koulountzos
& Fanny Seroglou

ATLAS Research Group, School of Primary Education, Faculty of Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54142 Greece. E-mail: seroglou@eled.auth.gr

After the end of the HIPST project, hipstwiki opens to the public. It is going to be visited by anyone interested in the information provided concerning History, Philosophy and Science Teaching. We especially hope that teachers and educators will use the proposed teaching materials and strategies and provide their comments and suggestions in the hipstwiki forum. The HIPST partners are going to stay as writers in the hipstwiki environment and this means that they will be able to upload more HIPST cases for classroom teaching, to translate in their language more HIPST cases, to discuss and work together by distance on new aspects of research in the field of History, Philosophy and Science Teaching.

All future activities will be studied and analyzed as well by the ATLAS Research Group and hipstwiki activity reports will appear every six months on special web pages in hipstwiki. Having and active researchers’ virtual forum in the future and trying to learn from it as it grows and changes will give to most of the participating HIPST researchers fruitful feedback on their work and research, as well as on the applicability of the HIPST cases in real classroom environments all over Europe.

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